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January 19, 2006

Walking the fish

Some Americans are pretty sensitive, when it comes to their strong opinions about anything. Especially the Intelligent design vs. Darwin's Evolution Theory is always good for a heated debate. Business have it especially hard, because they don't wanna lose any customers.

I went a little the sushi place (Rolls n Sushi) at the Marion Food Court and took one of their menues. Now look closely at the little fish in the lower right:
fishyfishy.jpg A fish with legs is the so called "Darwin Fish" - see Wikipedia on the Social implications of the theory of evolution. Some even see it as a symbol for Atheism.
But that little Sushi place surely didn't want to make a statement like that on their menu. I'm pretty sure they just put it on their menu, because it looked cute and after American protests put the sticker on it ...

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That or they wanted to avoid the implication that usually their sushi walks off the plate.

Yeeees, this fish very fresh, Sir!!

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