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May 31, 2006

Installing Captchas for MovableType: SCode

What a pitsa. I wanted to install Captchas for my MT Blog, because of the huge amount of comment spam, I recieve.
Captchas are these annoying pictures you need to decipher:

So I installed SCode, but I got a strange error message during building my site, after I put in the code into the templates:
Undefined subroutine &SCode::scode_tmp
Which turned out to be due to missing GD.pm. So I went and tried to install GD from the source, but that failed because the GD headers were missing.

What helped in the end on Mr. U's Debian Server was this:

apt-get install libgd-dev
apt-get install libgd-graph-perl

And another pitfall: SCode also fails, if you don't have a slash at the end of your temp-directory, like /home/marco/tmp/

That's the problem with free software, you can't really complain about that kind of stuff ;)

Captcha discussion on Slashdot
The maintainer of SCode, Arvind Satyanarayan, commented on this entry and promised fixes and improvements in summer! Jay for free Software! ;)

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Aah but the developer hears you :) SCode was basically James Seng's code which I refreshed to work with 3.2. This summer I'll dig through it and see if I can make it ever easier to use :)

Hey Arvind,

very cool of you to stop by ;)

The only thing I'd like to see made better for SCode is Error Messages. Luckily, hail do open source, I was able to look through the code and figure out it's the missing Perl Module causing my pain.

The rest and majority of my pains were all debian package dependency related ;)

Best wishes,


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