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February 7, 2006

Use Google Talk to store information

With the new tighter integration of Google Talk and GMail, you get an easy way to archive information, like interesting Websites/URLs, quotes, addresses, etc.

  • get yourself a second GMail-account, add it to your friends list in Google Talk.
  • log into GTalk with your alter ego to approve your new friend
  • you also need to enable "Save chat history" (Settings/Chat) for both accounts! (You can also set that in the GMail settings)
  • Now log back into your regular account in GTalk and rename your contact to something helpful (like "Logger")
  • All you have to do now is open a chat with Logger and as soon as you close that window, you will have a new entry in GMail, like this:
    gmail chat
  • You can forward, star and label these conversations just like any regular mail and feel very organised ;)
Happy logging!

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