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December 21, 2005

Bad Customer Service - Comcast

I really hate that: You take a lot of time to formulate a good email to any customer service and what do they do? They scan for the first recognizable keyword and send your their standard reply. In my recent conversation with comcast that was Spam: So I got their standard text "you would like to know how to prevent spam".
Incidentally, I had anticipated every single one of their suggestions and NO! that wasn't waht I wanted to know.
I wanted to know how my Comcast email account got swarmed with spam (150 Spam mails, only 7 of witch got caught by their lousy spamfilter) and about 10 of Comcast's own newsletters (which are opt-out, so you could consider those spam, too). Even though I had never given my address FirstnameLastname@comcast.net to anyone.

Here is what they sent me:

  1. Keep your anti-virus software up to date
  2. Install a firewall
  3. Only give your primary e-mail address to friends and family
  4. Use an additional e-mail address for form submissions on the internet
  5. Do not post your e-mail address in message boards and newsgroups
  6. Do not reply to unsolicited e-mails
  7. Let friends and family know that you do not want your e-mail address shared with anyone
  8. Do not post the e-mail address you use on personal web pages.
  9. Avoid 'unsubscribing' to emails received from an unknown email address.
Not a single point applies to my problem, since I never used my email-address anywhere and I also don't store it on my computer. Thank you, Comcast!

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Well, the last of these non-conversations I had with *gulp* ... Amazon :)

MON: "Excuse me but I can't seem to change the information for my account in blabla/blabla/something"

AMAZON SPAMINATOR: "Go to blabla/blabla/something and change the information for your account"

MON:"Doesn't work"

ACTUAL AMAZON PERSON:"Well then you can't do it"

MON:"But I ordered and now you have the wrong information"

AMAZON SPAMINATOR:"You can change it in blabla/blabla/something"

MON:"No I can't"


*six weeks later*

AMAZON SPAMINATOR:"You gave us the wrong information. That will be 6 Euros"

MON: "Well I told you but I can't change my information in blabla/blabla/something"

AMAZON SPAMINATOR:"Go to blabla/blabla/something and change your information"


ACTUAL AMAZON PERSON: "Well then use this account to pay"


AMAZON SPAMINATOR:"Why did you use this account? Stupid girl. You should have updated your information under blabla/blabla/something"

MON:*gnaws at table*

It pains me to read this.... next time you have trouble like this contact me - I might be able to help ;)

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