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May 15, 2006

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Just got my Cryptex in the mail - I'm one of the lucky 10,000 solving the Google Da Vinci Code Challenge first.
It is remarkably heavy and contains a little scroll, telling you to visit www.google.com/DaVinciCode. The site also has a link to a little documentary about the movie and some sponsor's messages and discounts.

Damn! Some people are paying 80$ for one of these at ebay (I see 47 auctions at the moment). Make me an offer I can't decline and you can have mine!

I'm excited about the next challenge, which will commence 1pm EDT May 19th. This time, the fastest players that complete the game during two days, will win. Luckily, I played a lot of NotPr0n - The Hardest Riddle Available on the Internet, so I hope I stand a little chance ;)

Update: There goes my feeling special: About 600 other bloggers ramble about the same topic....
Yeah and some asshole on ebay wants to sell the links I gave you above for 5$. Disgusting!

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