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November 2, 2005

Comment Spam

Spam in my inbox is bad enough, although my filter is pretty good now and I hardly have to look at it anymore. But what I really hate is Comment Spam, because there is still a lot of work involved in removing it. I do have a filter and most comments end up at least in moderated, but still it's annoying.

But today a new series of comments caught my attention: They all feature a social component, because at least the first two sentences says, what every Blogger likes to hear:

  • You have a very talented and skilled writting. I had a great time reading your comments. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail:
  • Reading your content just made my day. Keep the good work. although I am bringing a change of underwear:
  • brilliant site! happy to be here. Be at war with your vices:
  • Cool stuff. Keep up the good work. that get all the publicity:
  • Excellent! I enjoyed reading your material. substances that cure you:
  • Very interesting! I liked it! It's the other lousy two percent:

But the most interesting thing about those comments was, that the links they refer to appear to be websites that wouldn't spam (because they don't sell anything), like quotationspage.com. Speculation: It think they are training a new comment spam script and monitor the google ranking of some randomly pciked pages. Soon they will use that for a brought spamming of Blogs, Guestbooks and Wikis. *Shudder*

The IP used was telweb.t-online.de and I found a bunch of SpamWikiEntries and other blog and guestbook spam, when I googled for that hostname. So if you can, put that hostname on your blacklist!

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I H8 comment spam. My first contact with it was way back when I had my first blog - and it was a rather sneaky attempt ("Please teach me HTML, look at my site:)

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